Mobiel Gambling in the US

The most interesting thing happening in the world of mobile gambling today is actually happening in the US. This may sound puzzling to many gambling experts as it is a very well known that due to the American wire act any form of online or mobile gambling is illegal in the states. It seems now that all this is about to change thanks to mobile gambling. Naturally the first state to allow and endorse any form of mobile gambling is Nevada. Starting from this December the Las Vegas casinos will be allowed to operate mobile gambling services in the vicinity of the casino resorts.

Although this is a very limited initiative, as it will be very limited in areas and hours, this is still a very important step forward for online and mobile gambling in the US. Many gambling experts agree that this initiative will proceed and spread to other like minded states. It is very possible that soon enough we will be able to bet and gamble on our train to work in New Jersey or while waiting for our beer in a Mississippi bar.

Either way it will develop you can be sure gambling lovers around the world will keep watching with interest after the developments in the US gambling industry.