Top 6 Worst Casino Bets

Many bets and games in the casinos have a very high house advantage or edge. Slot machines are favorite targets of the house edge because they have one of the most biggest house edge of all games. Slot machines have varying edge of 1-15 percent depending on the casino establishment and location of the machines. Some casinos have a higher house edge depending on the actual demography within the casino. Some are geared to play and payout higher than others.

Table games normally have a much lower edge as compared to slot machines and with any game of chance there some bets that should be avoided.

Bets to avoid:

1. Live Keno Keno is a game that is similar to the weekend draws most people play. The house edge runs an average of half or one third of the players bet at all times. The odds does not change, and the house edge comes directly from the payout of the winning number combinations. The edge of Keno greatly varies from casino to casino.

2. Big Six Wheel The Wheel of Fortune is an off-shoot of the weekend carnival game that has odds stacked against the opponents. The game itself has a modest house edge of roughly more than that of a normal poker match. The Wheel of Fortune is similar to the wheels played fairs and kids parties and are for purely for entertainment purposes only.

3. Caribbean On-Side Wager This bet for this game depends in the payable part of the size of the winnings but would not scratch the wagering amount. The average house edge is roughly higher that that of blackjack. The more one bets, the greater the odds against the player.

4. Baccarat Bet The Player bet in Baccarat is a bet that has serious issues with odds. It is incredibly high yet many people try to play it in hopes of a WIN. Players are advised to steer clear away and let the winning streak be the ticket out.

5. Blackjack Insurance Bet A bet to be completely pushed away from anyone gambling mind. The bet uses a huge chunk of the house standing and pushes it higher so that the player would not be able to back down once in play.

6. Blackjack Hunch Play "Hunching" or the hunch play can make blackjack one of the worst games to play in a casino. The player can use up to one fourth of the betting percentage and even more playing hunches and risking the house edge.

Players who realize the bets and the house edge that the bets entail would surely make them think twice before attempting the bet.